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Industry Testimonials

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

"You'd be crazy not to use Ad-ID, I trust Ad-ID and my clients trust me."

Havas Worldwide

"Ad-ID is key to capitalize on the many opportunities being created from the technological advancements throughout the media industry."

Saatchi NY

"Although my initial reaction of working with Ad-ID was guarded optimism, my daily experience has brought a profound respect for this system and its application to diverse aspects within the advertising field. Today's technology dictates the necessity of a digital web of information, and Ad-ID affords that conclusion by linking the various departments."


"Ad-ID has proven itself to be a very easy system to adopt. It saves agencies time (and time is money), in the production and trafficking process. It has been a positive transition for us overall."

The Procter & Gamble Company

"As advertisers, we shouldn't have to think about how an ad asset's tagging and metadata move through the system. We didn't need to know how it worked with UPC codes. This is no different. The entire supply chain must cooperate in order to reap the benefits that highly interoperable systems enable."

The Richards Group

"I will admit, I had been skeptical in Ad-ID, as ISCI 'simply worked' and did for so many years.  Today, as my roles have evolved in this converged advertising ecosystem, I feel the universal adoption of Ad-ID, across ALL platforms, is essential in enabling workflow efficiencies, eliminating human error, and ensuring accurate measurement and reporting across all fragmented landscapes.

I challenge all media systems, servers, and vendors to integrate with Ad-ID…quickly, as I believe it will be in their favor if they do!"