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This area contains a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) associated with the Ad-ID system. You can browse the entire list, or filter the list based on the categories below:

If I have different sizes of one digital banner ad, do I need to create an Ad-ID code for each size?


If the agency/company is sending out separate files due to the small difference in size, we recommend to create a separate Ad-ID code for each size. If you are sending the same file to all publications and they update the ad to fit their size, then you only need to create one code.

If I am creating a code using a prefix with the custom format and I have to enter the code, where do I enter the code and what do I put in there?


When you are creating a code with one of the custom formats, the code creation screen will include a field called Ad-ID. To create the code you must enter 4 or 7 characters in that field, depending on which custom format the prefix is set to. The characters can be alpha-numeric. DO NOT enter the prefix in this field, the code will include the Prefix chosen from the Prefix drop down.

If a client has changed agencies, how do I get access to the client's account from the previous agency?


Ad-ID customer service will need to be given permission from the previous agency, acting as the Administrator on Ad-ID for the client, in order to give the new agency access to the client's existing account.  Alternatively, the client can provide written approval via email confirming the change of agency.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?


Go to, enter your email address and click on E-mail new password.  You will receive an email with a temporary link to log in to your account. Click on the link in the email and you will be directed to your user profile to update your password.

I created codes and instead of having 3 zeros on the end, the system used numbers and letters in the last 3 characters. Is this correct?


The 3 zeros on the end of the code are called the overflow characters. The overflow characters are assigned by the Ad-ID system using alpha-numeric characters.

I am using a prefix with the custom format and would like the codes to be generated automatically moving forward. How do I change that?


Once codes are created under a prefix, there are limitations on changing the format. Prefixes set up with the custom 7 format cannot be changed once codes are created. Prefixes set up with the custom 4 format may be changed to the "4 digit code" sequenital format. The prefix Administrator would need to contact customer service to make the request and sign an authorization form.

How many possible codes can be created under a prefix?


This will vary depending on the format chosen.  The format options can be found here.  Assuming that a start code was not set and the prefix was starting from the very first code, following are the approximate calculations for each format.

4 digit code: approximately half a billion codes
1 digit year + 3 digit code: approximately 46 million (for each year digit)
3 digit code + 1 digit year: approximately 46 million (for each year digit)

How many codes can be created at one time?


Users can create up to 100 codes at a time.

How is Ad-ID used for Print and Internet?


Ad-ID is the industry standard for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms. Ad-ID is working with IDEAlliance on the print side and the IAB on the internet side to document how Ad-ID should be fully utilized in those workflows.

How does Ad-ID track when and where an advertisement runs?

Ad-ID can provide reports generated from the Ad-ID system as they relate to codes and information about advertising assets. The system does not have any information regarding where spots run. You would need to reach out to third party measurement and tracking companies for that information.