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If I am creating a code using a prefix with the custom format and I have to enter the code, where do I enter the code and what do I put in there?

When you are creating a code with one of the custom formats, the code creation screen will include a field called Ad-ID. To create the code you must enter 4 or 7 characters in that field, depending on which custom format the prefix is set to. The characters can be alpha-numeric. DO NOT enter the prefix in this field, the code will include the Prefix chosen from the Prefix drop down.

A note will be displayed below the prefix you selected on the code creation screen. This should provide instructions on how to enter the custom code. If the note does not include instructions, the prefix administrator did not provide them and we recommmend that you reach out to them for assistance. Your company or your client may have a specific format in which they would like you to use the custom formatting so you should check with the appropriate contacts within your company or contact your client if you have questions on what to enter into the custom field.