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What important databases are you referring to in the Q&A?


Ad-ID is part of a bigger project known as the Clearinghouse Initiative.  The Clearinghouse Initiative has the goal of creating common digital identifiers for all media silos -- talent payments, programs, networks, stations, etc. so that all monies spent in the silos can be audited and tracked in an efficient and accurate manner.  This will result in better measurement of ROI and reduce the number of claims from actors.

What required union reports are you referring to in the Q&A?


In general, we are referring to the various forms used to hire actors and report contributions to the union Pension & Health Plans.

What happens if we do not comply?


Unless there is a legitimate reason that cannot be overcome through reasonable business measures, non-compliance does not represent best practices and the agreement between the industry and the union to support optimal measurement and monitoring in the marketplace.

What happens if no code is assigned at the time of hiring the SAG/AFTRA actors? For many cases, codes are not usually assigned to a commercial until footage is edited and approved.


Failing to assign an Ad-ID code before hiring will not delay production. However, when paperwork needs to be filed with the union, e.g., Pension & Health Fund contributions, the Ad-ID will be required. So the earlier in the production process that it is assigned, the less likely there will be mistakes in processing and tracking.