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How does this impact other companies, besides advertisers and agencies?


All companies should adopt best practices and be sure that any advertising assets that use union talent are consistently using Ad-ID codes.

Is everyone aware of this requirement? Who has been notified?


The Ad-ID requirement has been, and will continue to be, broadly communicated throughout the marketing ecosystem.

What led the union to agree to require Ad-ID?


During a 2012 pilot test, it was found that commercial identifiers are not used consistently, which resulted in the need to estimate a significant percentage of the use fees calculated. A uniform digital identifier ensures more accurate accounting
than today’s system of varied identifiers and manual calculations. Full adoption of Ad-ID will allow accurate tracking and measurement by advertisers of their advertising assets across all platforms.

What is the Clearinghouse Initiative?


The ANA, 4A's and SAG-AFTRA have agreed to jointly undertake the Clearinghouse Initiative - designed to ensure more accurate tracking and accounting of talent residual payments. It will be a centralized, secure database to manage, aggregate and report upon commercial airplay. As the project moves forward in the coming year, more details about the Clearinghouse Initiative will become available.

How does using Ad-ID help with talent compensation?


Today's system of varied advertising identifiers and manual calculations risks accurate talent residual payments across media platforms. Using Ad-ID enables more accurate tracking and accounting, as part of the Clearinghouse Initiative.