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Gaining Efficiencies with Integrations by Diana Ovalle

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ad-ID has set up system integrations with a number of industry organizations, which allow them to view Ad-ID codes and the related metadata on a permission basis. These integrations help companies eliminate the need to rekey advertising information and provide efficiency by lowering the human effort involved in sharing data between and among systems.

Selective External Access (SEA) provides users the ability to give specific vendors access to all codes and metadata within a group or by individual code records. By default, all codes created on the Ad-ID system are not accessible to companies using SEA. If a company has not been granted access to a group or specific code, it will not be able to access any codes or metadata.

Access to codes by group

Integration at the group level occurs when an administrator of a group provides a vendor with read-only access to a group. The vendor will be able to view all Ad-ID codes and related metadata created in the group.

Access to individual code records

Companies set up as an external access vendor on the Ad-ID system are able to receive access by individual code record. Users with the ability to create and edit codes are able to select one or multiple external access vendors, which will be able to view the Ad-ID code and its related metadata.

Companies integrated with Ad-ID since January 2016

  • Entertainment Communications Network (ECN) provides commercial traffic, distribution, and compliance services for 90 of the nation’s top 100 advertisers. Agencies create commercial instructions using ECN’s XML traffic website and connect directly to Ad-ID to retrieve commercial records from the Ad-ID registry, eliminating rekeying and human error.

  • Samba TV is a leading provider of audience-powered advertising and analytics across all platforms. Samba TV’s patented technology extracts viewership insights from social media, set-top boxes, and connected devices. Samba TV utilizes Ad-ID to ensure accurate and consistent metadata in their industry leading analytics solutions.

For more information about the various companies Ad-ID works with, visit the Strategic Alliances page of the Ad-ID website.

Diana Ovalle
System Support & Client Relations Representative