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Comcast AdDelivery Integrates with Ad-ID by Diana Ovalle

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Comcast AdDelivery, which powers advertising distribution and management processes, integrated with Ad-ID in July 2016.

AdDelivery is set up as a Selective External Access vendor on Ad-ID, allowing the AdDelivery team to retrieve individual code records, including related metadata, directly from the Ad-ID system.

AdDelivery offers a best-in-class solution for cost-effective, customizable, and secure delivery of HD and SD television and radio advertising spots. In addition, AdDelivery provides advertisers, agencies, and post houses with an efficient and reliable method for managing and distributing video assets from post-production to broadcast, with distribution to national, regional, and local media destinations across the U.S.

“Integrating Comcast AdDelivery with Ad-ID is part of our commitment to streamlining workflow across production and reducing complexity,” says Todd Porch, vice president of linear distribution at Comcast Wholesale. “We are able to promote standardization, increase efficiency, and ensure that accurate metadata is delivered to stations and networks.”

Ad-ID users can provide AdDelivery with access to individual Ad-ID codes. On the code creation screen, click on the "External Access" tab located to the left of the slate. Within the "Commercial Delivery Vendors" dropdown menu, select "Comcast AdDelivery." Make sure all required fields are filled out on the slate. Once you click "Submit," the code is created and AdDelivery will have access to the code.

Ad-ID users can also give AdDelivery access to previously created codes by editing a code and following the same process mentioned above. Please contact if you need assistance.

For more information about the various companies Ad-ID works with, visit the Strategic Alliances page of the Ad-ID website.

Diana Ovalle
System Support & Client Relations Representative