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Ad-ID Streamlines Process for Ad Consortium by Mark Egmon

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Working smarter is the core idea behind the Ad Consortium, a coalition of companies in the advertising supply chain that provide services for trafficking and distributing advertising and for procuring, tracking, and paying for the use of talent and licensed elements in an advertising asset. The Consortium’s current members include The TEAM Companies, Adstream, Comcast Wholesale, ECN, and Burns Entertainment.

A primary goal of the Ad Consortium is to implement industry standards to improve the accuracy of what is reported, paid, and tracked. The Consortium is initially focused on two key areas (traffic to talent and rights management), both of which have been overlooked for some time.

The existing manual process for trafficking ads and initiating talent advices used for payments involves siloed service sectors and a lot of reporting, reinterpreting information, rekeying data, and duplicating efforts. Every manual step in the process increases the chances for human error and delays. In addition, the various companies providing services in these specific areas use different forms and formats for recording and reporting data, which further complicates an already inefficient process. Leveraging the Ad-ID standard as well as a standard XML format, the Consortium has been able to automate the flow of traffic data for talent payment.

In addition to the advancement of the traffic-to-talent payment process, this forward-thinking group is looking to improve the ability to track the use of assets and their respective elements using Ad-ID as the unique identifier for all advertising assets as well as the talent and licensed elements in those assets. This enhanced capability will make it easier for advertisers to distribute, track, and pay for advertising through integrated ad distribution, scheduling, talent management, and asset tracking, and also offer a reliable reporting resource for use analysis and audits. 

“Having a standardized and transparent way of managing this process, especially as new and emerging media come into play, is long overdue,” says Greg Smith, chief marketing officer at the TEAM Companies. “I am thrilled that Ad-ID can be part of this innovative effort.”

The current Ad Consortium members are key players in their respective areas and are pooling their expertise and vision as the nucleus for establishing best practices and standardization for accessible and reliable asset data management. However, they encourage and welcome participation from others in traffic, distribution, and talent payments to ensure standardization and efficiencies are fully realized industrywide.

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Mark Egmon
Vice President/Marketing Communications & Brand Management
The TEAM Companies