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Ad-ID FAQs by Christine Donnelly

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

1. How does Complete External Access benefit the media outlet receiving the metadata?

Answer: The benefits for the media outlet may vary based on the company. Complete External Access allows the company to verify that a code is a valid, unique Ad-ID code. By accessing the related metadata, companies can reduce the risk of errors and streamline their workflow process related to airing and billing.

In addition, many media outlets use, or are planning to use, centralized digital asset management systems to serve ads to online, mobile, and other platforms. Giving them access to the Ad-ID metadata will eliminate confusion related to the identity of an ad.

2. What steps do I need to take to create an Ad-ID code for my advertiser?

Answer: If you do not already have a login to the Ad-ID system, you will need to create one at

Then you will need to determine whether the advertiser has an existing prefix on Ad-ID. To do this, provide your client’s company name to the Ad-ID customer service team at or call 704.501.4410.

The customer service team will confirm if you need to license a new prefix for a one-time prefix activation fee of $400 or if you will need approval to access an existing prefix.

Once the prefix is set up, you will need to purchase and create the Ad-ID codes directly on the Ad-ID system. Codes start at $5 (five credits) per internet display code (banner ads) and $30 per code for all other media types. One Ad-ID code includes an SD version and matching HD and/or 3D version if needed.

Christine Donnelly
System Support & Client Relations Representative