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Ad-ID FAQs by Christine Donnelly

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

1. Will I run into trouble when trying to create an Ad-ID code that I previously created outside the Ad-ID system?

Answer: Ad-ID cannot guarantee that you will be able to create the same code on the Ad-ID system that you created outside Ad-ID.

In some cases, multiple agencies are creating codes on Ad-ID for the same advertiser. If you created a code outside Ad-ID based on the codes you previously created, there is a chance the code you expected the system to generate is no longer available because another agency has already created it.

      Another scenario is when an agency uses an unlocked prefix to create codes on Ad-ID, but before creating the code within Ad-ID they create a code outside the system for their client. When they try to create a code on Ad-ID using their unlocked prefix, they are not able to because their client has an existing prefix. This means that the code will no longer be the same because they will need to use the advertiser’s existing prefix to create the code.

      If an advertiser has an existing prefix on Ad-ID, agencies are not allowed to use their unlocked prefix to create codes. Furthermore, there are several code format options for Ad-ID prefixes, so if the code created outside the Ad-ID system is not created in a code format that is the same as the format of the prefix set up on Ad-ID, then the user would not be able to generate the expected code.

      2. I provided a colleague with access to the advertiser’s account on Ad-ID, but my colleague is unable to create codes. Why?

Answer: On Ad-ID, an account is used only for billing information, so in order to create codes, the user needs to have access to the appropriate advertiser’s group. The group is where the codes created and associated prefixes reside. In order to invite your colleague to the group, click on DASHBOARD on the top navigation bar and then click the INVITE USERS link on the right-hand side of the page. Once you have clicked on the link, you will need to select which groups you would like to add the user to, select the permission you would like them to have, and then enter their email address and click INVITE. For more information on inviting a user to a group, please see our Managing Group Access help doc.


3. I added a new user to my group, but this user did not receive an email. What should I do?

Answer: Emails from Ad-ID are often filtered into junk or spam folders, so you should always check those folders first. If the email was filtered as spam, simply mark that it is not spam, so that in the future Ad-ID emails will remain in your inbox. If you cannot find the email, it is possible that there is a firewall blocking you from receiving it. You should check with your IT department and see if they can add the domain to a whitelist so you will receive all future notifications. Please note that if it is the first email you are receiving from Ad-ID, it is simply asking that you register a login to Ad-ID to access the groups you have been added to. You do not need to register your login via the email. You can register your username and password to Ad-ID here:

Christine Donnelly
System Support & Client Relations Representative