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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

1. Will we get email notifications when an account is running low on credits?

Answer: By default, accounts are not set up to receive notifications. The account Administrator has the ability to turn on notifications for when an anniversary date is approaching or the balance is running low. Administrators have the ability choose the frequency and balance amount for these notifications.

2. Can I view which invoices are paid and which are not on the system? 

Answer: At this time, viewing the status of each invoice is not an option. However, you can view and/or edit each invoice within the Invoice Log in the account. Both the Administrator of the account and the user who made the purchase have the ability to edit the invoice. 

3. When creating multiple codes, can you create a mixture of different media types, such as some radio and some TV?

Answer: The multi-code creation feature does not allow you to create multiple media types. If you need multiple TV codes and multiple Radio codes, you would need to create those separately.

Christine Donnelly