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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

1. When creating multiple codes, can you create a mixture of different media types, such as some radio and some TV?

Answer: No, the multi-code creation feature does not allow you to create multiple media types. If you need multiple TV codes and multiple radio codes, you will need to do them separately.

2. There is incorrect billing information on the invoice I received from Ad-ID. How do I fix that?

Answer: Invoices can be accessed in the Invoice Log within the account. Both the Administrator of the account and the user who made the purchase have the ability to edit the invoice.

3. If I have different sizes of a digital banner ad, do I need to create an Ad-ID code for each size?

Answer: If the agency/company is sending out separate files, we recommend creating a separate Ad-ID code for each size. If the agency/company is sending the same file to all publications and they update the ad to fit their specifications, then you only need to create one code.

Christine Donnelly
No Limits Consulting