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Ad-ID Consortium Gains Momentum by Mark Egmon

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Ad Consortium is off to a strong start. New members have joined this collaboration of stakeholders who play key roles in creating, distributing, tracking, and paying for ad content. Member companies currently include Adstream, Burns Entertainment, Comcast Wholesale, ECN, The TEAM Companies, Syncro, and Yangaroo. The group strives to streamline ad scheduling and distribution as well as to integrate the tracking of talent and licensed element use and payments across advertising assets.

Ad-ID applauds the collaboration’s goals. “It is always encouraging when members of our industry come together to find innovative ways to make a process more efficient for everyone. Ad-ID was developed with that same goal in mind, so we certainly support these efforts” says Harold Geller, chief growth officer at Ad-ID.

One of the core goals of the group is to use Ad-ID as the common identifier and metadata source for ad distribution, traffic, talent payments, and rights and asset management across all integrated platforms. The various companies providing services in these areas use different forms and formats for recording and reporting data, which further complicates an already inefficient process. By leveraging Ad-ID and the Ad Consortium standard XML format, these areas can be automated.

Membership expansion is important to ensure that standardization and efficiencies are fully realized industry-wide. Increasing Ad Consortium membership to include other companies and stakeholders in talent payroll, rights management, music licensing, traffic, and distribution sectors of the industry will cement the Consortium’s approach as the standard. Some of the current members have already integrated their systems with Ad-ID, and the Ad Consortium will continue to work with other members and any new additions to ensure that Ad-ID has the tools in place to help move the initiative forward.

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Mark Egmon
Vice President/Marketing Communications & Brand Management
The TEAM Companies